octobre 27, 2020

Being inspired

While working I love listening podcast. Today I listened Georgie & Emi's podcast Charisma Sisters wich I binge watched listened. It's really interresting. 

The episode that really made me think about was the one about copying models.

I never really copied any gyaru maybe because I became Hime gyaru because I’ve seen one day a picture of Sui Princess. That day I decided  to be an Hime so I just learned how to be an Hime by following Jesus Diamante and La Pafait staff. 

Think about it that I’ve also been reeeaally inspired by Himena’s Hime era.

But recently I understood that if I don’t really need model reference for Hime (because I just feel it) I really need it for himekaji. I wear himekaji mostly because I’m a OL and I need to feel gyaru even at work. I use himekaji not really as a fashion itself but like a toned down hime gyaru that I can wear on a daily basis. 

However I still need to learn so much about himekaji because I still feel not real nor as pretty as I want it to be.

These last time I feel really inspired by Ikemegu hairstyle. Should I cut and dye my hair ? I really love her voluminous short and curly hair 😍 I used to love long hair but her hairstyles with this length of hair just blown my mind and it really want to give a try !

I also love her pictures where she wore glasses ! I wear glasses on a daily bases so I think I can inspire myself with her glasses makeup... but without circle lenses 😫

That’s it for today 

See you 

Vani 💕

octobre 26, 2020

Disney Noemie's Bday Meet

Today what the day ! Mini Gyaransu meet for Noemie Bday!

Today I went to Disneyland Paris with Noemie and Calypso. It has been a while we didn't see each other ! I was so exited ! Even if this day was so rainy 

We did Disney Studio Park first. I was really happy because we did Ratatouille amusement wich I never did because of there always were so much people. It was so cute and fun !

After that we went to the main Disney park, the one I prefere. It was all Halloween themed, it was so amazing.
We bought Halloween Mickey Mouse Ears, wich are so lovely ! And then we were ready to do a loooot of pictures and some amusements until night ! 

I ended this day by buying some special Halloween cupcakes and cookie that I’m currently eating while writing this blog post.

Finally I chose to braid my front hair and to make to ponytails. I hesitated a lot to braid them but finally I let them curly. I think it's cuter !

For my makeup, I kept it quite simple but I used false lashes I never wore before : Diamond Lashes Glamorous for upper and Diamond Lashes Cute for lower. As I'm learning to feel confortable when doing my makeup with these, I did an simple and automnal makeup. 

-- Outfit --
Outer : Offbrand jeans jacket 
Top : Lizlisa
Skirt : Ank Rouge
Socks : Offbrand
Shoes : FILA
Accessories : Yesstyle/ korean offbrand 

Thank you for reading me 

See you 
Vani 💕

octobre 24, 2020

Winnie the Pooh Nails

Hi everyone ! 

Did you spend a good day ?

Today feel like a sunday; I was in pajama all day doing what I love the most : my nails ! 

My theme for this nail set is one of my favorite Disney character : Winnie the Pooh 
I had so much idea of different designs but I decide to go on a cute automnal range of color : red, yellow, orange and brown. As I want it to be really gyaru, I choose bright color and 3D !

Well my baby bear Winnie doesn't really like a bear lol  I need more practice with 3D gel but I'm still satisfied. 

It been a couple of months I haven't my nails done in a gyaru style so I so exited about them ! 

I have to go at Disneyland with my Gyaransu gals tomorow and I still figuring at what I can wear. The main issue is the weather. I use to wear hime coord in covered place such café/shopping center/... . But tomorrow will be all outside with a rainy weather. So I was looking for some idea for my hair wich can't handle humidity ! Something like an updo and without a bang.

I found some hairstyle in EGG and Koakuma Ageha magazine. I will try tomorrow and choose what will fit best. 

I love the idea of replace the bang by a braid, it's so cute !

See you soon!

Vani 💕

octobre 23, 2020

Back to blogging

Hi gals !

After paused blogging for a while I decided to come back into this. I missed it ! I also changed the name of my page, this one fit me more. Being more active was one of my 2020 resolutions and it's never too late for getting thing in progress even at this end of the year.

I work at home most of the time because of the lockdown so I use to be no makeup and no hair styled. But today I had an errand to do so I got myself ready after work. 

I have my nails to do but I was totally lacking of nail product for building my nail extention.

Simple makeup because I wanted to wear my Hime hair but they didn't collaborate with me so I went to an easy gyaru bun with a large headband. 

As I was at home, I wore a confortable Lizlisa dress. My outfit was all automnal and cherry based

-- Outfit -- 

Top : Primark
Dress: Lizlisa
Headband : Yesstyle
Earring : Korean offbrand

Always stay safe 
It was so cloudy today. I really feel the fall season !

I wore my favorite bag of the moment : my Lodispotto mini bag. It is so cute, pink and fluffy. The big pearl piece is the point of this bag !

Got of the day !

Finally my local beauty store didn't have everything I need but at least I have gel cleaner wich I need the most. I also fell for a new gel base. 

I also bought waffles purely for pleasure, I will eat it as a dessert.

Thank you for reading me ✨

Have a good day !