mars 08, 2021

Galantine sleepover party

Hi gals !

It's been a while but I feel a little bit overwelmed by the reality this last couple months. There is so much things to do. 

But for her bday my friend Emi organized a mini sleepover party. Her last bday has been delayed last year because of the first lockdown in France (the most strit one of 2020). So I was really happy to celebrate it this year. My first meet of 2021, hope it will not be the last ! 

Emi booked the night at a cute parisian hotel. Really baroque and quite romantic to match the Valentine theme haha! The view was pretty amazing; I love parisian architecture so much.  

I'm so happy can you notice 

Outfit of this day ~
Top : Lizlisa knitted sweater
Dress : Lizlisa Jumperskirt
Tight : Primark
Shoes : FILA white sneakers

For the dinner we ate asian burgers from Shiso Burger that we have to take out. I choose the double bulgogi burger. It was really good; spicy and soft. I will try again when I could !

Then we spent all the night chatting and watching funny and romantic chick movies. It was so nice I want to do it again. We ate a lot of sweets too. The perfect girl's sleepover night~  

Bulgogi burger and french fries. The bao bun was so good

Theses chocolate was a present for Emi. There is a really rose flower inside 

As a present for my self I also bought a box of chocolate in the same boutique. The packaging is so cute. It remind me old Lizlisa stuff.  And the rose flower shape of the chocolate is (ノ´ з `)ノ

The second day, we did a brunch at Bon Bouquet Café - still take out food. Well the service was pretty long so we had to hurry to eat it. I hope I can go there when this pandemic situation is over because the place is really really cute.   
I ordered french toasts with berries and mapple syrup ! Good but not cooked enough, they seemed to be in hurry with all take out orders. Next time I'll maybe choose cheesy garlic bread that chose Emy, it looked sooo delicious (sorry I don't have a proper picture >.<) 

I had to urge myself to be ready on time this morning because we wanted to take pictures on the terrasse before checking out the room. It was a little bit difficult as I only had 4 hours of sleep. But I'm pretty proud of this look ! What do you think ?  

Outfit of this day ~
Coat : Jesus diamante
Short sleeves cardigan : Jesus diamante
Dress : Jesus diamante
Tights : Monoprix
Shoes : FILA sneakers
Barette : Jesus diamante

On the way to come back home, we stopped to Sweet Bazar a cute sweets bakery.  The outside cannot show how cute the inside is ! As I ate sugar as a breakfast I couldn't order one thing. My stomach cannot bear it

A rendez vous with mr Rabbit ? 

That’s it for today 

With love 

Vani 💕

mars 02, 2021

Nails of the month ~ February valentine

Hi gals 💕

A quick blog post to show my Valentine nails for this month of february. 

I kept it quite simple with a lot of gems, pearls and glitter. The whole set is just white and pink, one of my favorite color match because it fits with my entire wardrobe haha;

For the first time I tried the marble pattern on my nail and I love it so much that I want to try it on other nailset and with another color. This pattern is surprisingly simple to make.  

The theme is "romantic date" nails. 

That's it for today 

With love

Vani 💕

février 26, 2021

New blog banner

Hi gals !

If you're not new with my blog you've already notice it : I changed my blog banner !

Even if i enjoyed the last one, really classy and simple; I think it was not as gyaru as I wanted. I want a old school kind of gyaru blog and the last banner didn't match at all; But it was a loooot simpler to create than this one haha  

I was so inspired by old hime gyaru blog as Ririka's one, which were my main inspo. I almost copied all the style. This era was just so cute and crazy. Love it so much !

EDIT : there the link to Ririka's blog => kotobuki-ririka

It was funny to make it. 
Hope you like it as much as I do. 

That's it for today !

With love,

Vani 💕

décembre 31, 2020

Blogmas #5 ~ December gyaru gets

Hi gal 

Finally doing a gyaru get post ! I wanted to do one last month but all my orders has been deleyed so I received them now in late december.

I was pretty impatient to receive them because there are some pieces I wanted for a while.

First thing is a new table calendar from Sanrio  for this upcoming new year. Isn't Melo-chan pretty ? This is a new kind of calendar where you can put your own pictures on. Hope Sanrio will release this type of calendar every year !

This is a weekly diary from Sanrio too. And obviously it's My Melody. I project to use it as a "Gyaru journal" where I can put every thing gyaru life related like purikura edited pictures, thought on gyaru or inspiration wall. It could be great to collect memories this way   

Next thing is manga ! 

GALS! is pretty popular in the community and I have my own collection of this manga too. But if GALS! is really inspiring for living a gyaru daily life, it was not the most inspiring source for me as a Hime gyaru. So I bought the manga Hime Gyaru Paradise. I already seen the anime and  I loved it so much !

La Pafait Shopping bag 
This have ZERO utility but feeling like gyaru who did her shopping in 2007 It's Chrismas time so I bought the Xmas edition one. It's so pretty I want more shopping bag ! I will hang it on my wall as a decoration. Sould I put it in a rococo frame ?

That's it for novelties ! ★ Now clothes 

My La Pafait shopping is really Holidays themed ! So I bought a Santa dress. I really hesitated between this one and one from Dazzy... but I'm a really fan of La Pafait. It is really cute ! I can’t wait to wear it !

That's it for today

With love,
Vani 💕