décembre 31, 2020

Blogmas #5 ~ December gyaru gets

Hi gal 

Finally doing a gyaru get post ! I wanted to do one last month but all my orders has been deleyed so I received them now in late december.

I was pretty impatient to receive them because there are some pieces I wanted for a while.

First thing is a new table calendar from Sanrio  for this upcoming new year. Isn't Melo-chan pretty ? This is a new kind of calendar where you can put your own pictures on. Hope Sanrio will release this type of calendar every year !

This is a weekly diary from Sanrio too. And obviously it's My Melody. I project to use it as a "Gyaru journal" where I can put every thing gyaru life related like purikura edited pictures, thought on gyaru or inspiration wall. It could be great to collect memories this way   

Next thing is manga ! 

GALS! is pretty popular in the community and I have my own collection of this manga too. But if GALS! is really inspiring for living a gyaru daily life, it was not the most inspiring source for me as a Hime gyaru. So I bought the manga Hime Gyaru Paradise. I already seen the anime and  I loved it so much !

La Pafait Shopping bag 
This have ZERO utility but feeling like gyaru who did her shopping in 2007 It's Chrismas time so I bought the Xmas edition one. It's so pretty I want more shopping bag ! I will hang it on my wall as a decoration. Sould I put it in a rococo frame ?

That's it for novelties ! ★ Now clothes 

My La Pafait shopping is really Holidays themed ! So I bought a Santa dress. I really hesitated between this one and one from Dazzy... but I'm a really fan of La Pafait. It is really cute ! I can’t wait to wear it !

That's it for today

With love,
Vani 💕 

décembre 29, 2020

Mini Gyaransu meet with Caly and Puya

 Hi gals !

Some days ago I had a meet with Puya and Calypso because we decided to do the Reira's Parapara challenge.

At first we wanted to do it outside with natural day light but Puya didn't woke up... whereas the meeting was at her own place ! Calypso and I rang her bell about 5 min straight, knocked her door so loudly and called on her phone but Puya was quite tired. 

Meanwhile Puya woke up and got ready it was night already. Well, everything is not on Puya; we chatted and laughed a lot and took pictures before filming the video.

And then it took a lot of time to record the video, we could not stop doing mistakes haha even if we choose an easy one Money money~ 

There are some selfies 
Caly and I 

Me, Puya and Caly

Outfit of the day
Set : La pafait
Bow : Jesus diamante
Shoes : FILA

That's it for today

With love
Vani 💕

Hanging out a little bit

 Hi gals ! 

It’s finally the end of this second lockdown in France (even if we still have a curfew T.T) so I hang out last week with my friend Silvia in Paris. 

As usual Les Halles’bathroom are my fav spot for do/finish/adjust my makeup 😂 
As usual rain ruined my hairstyle 

We spend a lot of time looking for somewhere to eat because a lot of restaurants are still closed. At the end we just ended to our favorite restaurant Aki Café. I tested a hot karaage sando * it was so~ good !

After that we just take a walk and doing some shopping. But I went home early because it was a while I didn’t wear heels and my feet were a mess!!! So painful !  

Today’s code ❤️

That’s it for today !

With love 
Vani  💕

Blogmas #4 ~ Chrismas cooking session 🍪❄️

Hi gals !

Late post of my Xmas cookies 🍪 well all this blogmas  series is late haha

It was really funny to do. I love to do this every year 💕 I’m definitely a sweet tooth 

I’ll eat them with my favorite hot cocoa of this moment from Whittard : the White Sticky toffee pudding

That’s it for today 

With love 

Vani 💕

décembre 21, 2020

Blogmas #3 ~ Xmas nails done ! 💅🏾🌟

Hi gals ! 

I finally made my Xmas nails ~

As I do them by myself it takes a pretty long time to make but I'm really happy with them ! I admit I did them when watching a new chinese TV show ~ sooo interesting and eating haha

This year I went for a classic theme with holly, candy cane and Christmas wreath; all in red and green tones with a lot of glitter and sparkle ✨

That's it for today !

With love

Vani 💕  

décembre 13, 2020

Blogmas #2 ~ Oldschool Lizlisa vibes for Xmas shopping day

 Hi gals !

Today was a himekaji day. At the beginning I only had to pick up a package but finaly I went to do some shopping with my mom. It's been a while we didn't. She found I was over dressed/made up but she is more and more accustomed to me being a gyaru. Now she is not more embarrassed when I hang out with her. Sometimes it could be difficult when your parents/relatives don't accept your style or just being annoyed by it but I think you have to be brave and wear what you want during your free time. Gyaru is a real joy for me so I will keep continuing to wear it until I felt tired of it (does this day come one day ?).

I attempted a hairstyle inspired by Ikemegu but I missed a lot of curls and volume. I think my curling iron is to big ? and I have to tease more my hair.  Even if I did this in vain : the humidity outside completely messed up my hair !

I kept my makeup quite simple and really inspired by old Lizlisa model makeup. With a lot of brown color and my favorite Diamond lashes. At the end of the day I felt very happy that a lot of people gave me compliments on my makeup. It seems that dark skin + icy blue eyes is one of my best combo !


For my outfit I was still inspired by Lizlisa model.
 As I don't go out very often due to the lockdown, everytime I go out, I try to dress up as much as I can, and wear my heels (my feets hurt as hell right now but I need to acustom them again, since the beginning of this crisis I wear slipper most of the time). 

(Sorry for my this dirty mirror )


Top : Offbrand
Knit sweater : Babyshoop
Skirt : Lizlisa
Boots : Lizlisa
Necklace: Lizlisa
Earring : Korean offbrand

That's it for today !

See you,
Vani 💕

Blogmas #1 ~ New Papillon release ! Holiday Edition 🎁

 Hi gals !

Papillon Magazine's new lookbook is out !! 

I was really excited because I'm a Christmas Gyaru ! I love Holidays so much and I was looking forward this edition because of having all this gals around the world exposing their Xmas traditions. I particulary loved the ...

Second thing is all the pictures ! OMG some models made soooo stunning pictures  Here are my favorite pages of this lokkbook

As usual, Papillon staff made quite a good work with my photos, I'm always better in the magazine than in the raw. My theme was Kyabakura New Year's Eve. It was the first time I try Hostess style  and being in a sexy outfit; I used to always being cute. It was funny  

Because of the lockdown and the cold, I took my pictures at home. I wish next year I could take a lot of cute pictures outside.

But this edition missed some gyaru I love and I was a bit sad to not see them in the magazine. I always used to look forward their pictures because they always give me this inspiration and oldschool funny gyaru vibes.

That's it for today !

See you