décembre 31, 2020

Blogmas #5 ~ December gyaru gets

Hi gal 

Finally doing a gyaru get post ! I wanted to do one last month but all my orders has been deleyed so I received them now in late december.

I was pretty impatient to receive them because there are some pieces I wanted for a while.

First thing is a new table calendar from Sanrio  for this upcoming new year. Isn't Melo-chan pretty ? This is a new kind of calendar where you can put your own pictures on. Hope Sanrio will release this type of calendar every year !

This is a weekly diary from Sanrio too. And obviously it's My Melody. I project to use it as a "Gyaru journal" where I can put every thing gyaru life related like purikura edited pictures, thought on gyaru or inspiration wall. It could be great to collect memories this way   

Next thing is manga ! 

GALS! is pretty popular in the community and I have my own collection of this manga too. But if GALS! is really inspiring for living a gyaru daily life, it was not the most inspiring source for me as a Hime gyaru. So I bought the manga Hime Gyaru Paradise. I already seen the anime and  I loved it so much !

La Pafait Shopping bag 
This have ZERO utility but feeling like gyaru who did her shopping in 2007 It's Chrismas time so I bought the Xmas edition one. It's so pretty I want more shopping bag ! I will hang it on my wall as a decoration. Sould I put it in a rococo frame ?

That's it for novelties ! ★ Now clothes 

My La Pafait shopping is really Holidays themed ! So I bought a Santa dress. I really hesitated between this one and one from Dazzy... but I'm a really fan of La Pafait. It is really cute ! I can’t wait to wear it !

That's it for today

With love,
Vani 💕 

8 commentaires:

  1. Ooooh I love all of your GETS! I've never read Hime Gyaru Paradise before but the artwork looks super pretty! Also, I really really want a my melo calendar now hahaha.

  2. Thank you ! I awaited them so long 🤣 This melo calendar is reaaaally cute and I think that Sanrio made a Hello Kitty version too

  3. Omgggggg how cute is that santa dress????
    I love all your gets and I really need to get me a new desk schedule too^^

    1. Thank you sweetie !! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
      Sanrio is always my favorite place for the cutest stationary

  4. I want to see that Hime anime and read the manga!! Is it related to the Nintendo DS game by the same name by any chance? I missed out on that and hear it is amazing.

    1. The anime is so hard to find nowadays ! But yes it's completly related to the DS games. Hope I can find a way to get these both