novembre 28, 2021

Mini Gyaransu meet with Caly Ethan and Alice 🇫🇷💖

 Hi gals !

Last week I finally had a Gyaransu meet ! It’s been a while since we cannot really see each other because of COVID first then work.

But Ethan had a little trip in Paris so it was the perfect occasion! 

So we decided to go to eat ramen 🍜 first at one of our favorite district Opera. I was so hungry so everything tasted super good 😂

Right after, Nene join us. It was my first time meeting her in real life ! She is so cute and nice 💕 I can’t believe we talk together before . Hope we can meet each other again !!!

Then we went to play some games. I didn’t play a lot since I not really good at games but had a lot of fun watching Ethan and Alice giving their all to Dance Dance Revolution.

Lastly we were quite tired and hungry again so we went to drink bubble tea. It was such a good moment ! 

I missed this so much !

That’s it for today 

With love,

Vani 💕

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  1. Everyone looks so amazing! Happy to see you doing meets again!