novembre 27, 2020

Virtual Gyaransu meet

 Hi gals !

How are you ? 

This year I couldn’t see many people because of the lockdown. But there are always a way to spend time with friends. So I did a get ready together with my gal unit. We went nowhere but just enjoying doing our makeup together while chatting.

There is my final makeup


Cardigan: La Pafait
Hair accessory: Jesus diamante bow

That’s it for today 

With love

Vani 💕

Gyaransu E meeting

 Hi gals 

How are you ? Do you still handle this lockdown ? 

Personally I make more and more zoom meeting with my gyaransu gals as we cannot meet each other. It’s so great to see them just for chatting, makeup together and have fun.

The last meet we did some videos for our channel Gyaransu TV. One of them was a 6 minutes challenge launched by Lizzie Bee. It was freaking funny ! We messed up sooo much and we didn’t succeed at all 

Then after fixing our makeup we did a Q&A video as a thanks for reaching 500 followers on our yt channel. 

That’s it for today 

With love

Vani 💕

novembre 17, 2020

Alice & Vani Meeting

Hi gals 

Long time no blogging but here is a quick post.

Last week I had a mini meet with Alice in Paris. It has been a very long time we haven’t met because of the lockdown. But this time we managed to see each other after work yay !

As it was a little bit late we just went to eat some gyoza at Hakata Shoten as usual it was sooo good !

After work I had to finish my makeup at the bathroom before meetin Alice. It was great to do my makeup to be outdoor, I don’t go out too much these last time - thanks COVID. 

There this my makeup + outfit for the day :

Top : La Pafait
Skirt : Offbrand
Shoes : FILA
Coat : Lizlisa
Hair Accessory : Yesstyle

I used my favorite lashes for the moment diamond lashes glamorous for the top and Diamond lashes cute as bottom lashes. Bottom lashes are a bit too long because my eyes are tiny. I still need to work on apply them properly.

That’s it for today

With love 
Vani 💕