février 26, 2021

New blog banner

Hi gals !

If you're not new with my blog you've already notice it : I changed my blog banner !

Even if i enjoyed the last one, really classy and simple; I think it was not as gyaru as I wanted. I want a old school kind of gyaru blog and the last banner didn't match at all; But it was a loooot simpler to create than this one haha  

I was so inspired by old hime gyaru blog as Ririka's one, which were my main inspo. I almost copied all the style. This era was just so cute and crazy. Love it so much !

EDIT : there the link to Ririka's blog => kotobuki-ririka

It was funny to make it. 
Hope you like it as much as I do. 

That's it for today !

With love,

Vani 💕