octobre 25, 2021

Colmar Autumnal trip ~ Day 1

 Hi gals !

Today post is about my recent trip to Colmar, France 🇫🇷 

As I haven’t taken any summer vacation I decided to go in an fall themed trip. Just to feel I am in a Ghibli movie.

Colmar is quite a tiny town so it’s easy to go on a solo trip there. And the town have definitely this fall vibes I was looking for 

My outfit of the day :

Maxi Dress : AliExpress 
Backpack: Lizlisa 
Shoes : FILA

As I took the TGV early in the morning, I didn’t really do any gyaru makeup for the first day, so please enjoy only my outfit.

As I arrived at noon, first thing to do was eating ! This dish was so good even I still don’t know how to pronounce it (i seached on internet,  it's BIBELESKÄS)

Since I had the entire afternoon, I decided to go visit the Hansi Museum. It was tiny but so cute. If you like art, I definitely recommend! And as always when visiting, I searched for rococo/princessy inspo 💕 I was lucky I found one this time 

I took the rest of the afternoon to go on walk, taking pictures and videos for my IG and looking for future spots to visit/eat while enjoying beautiful streets.

That it for today !

With love,
Vani 💕

2 commentaires:

  1. Omgggg It really does look like you stepped into a Ghibli movie!!! I had no idea places like this exist~

    1. Sure right ! It was so lovely I definitely recommend if you can 💕💕💕